Student Parking Program

2016-17 Parking: There are currently no spaces available.

2017-18 Parking Information

All applications will be submitted online for the 2017-18 school year. The application will require you to upload a copy of the valid student driver's license (no permits), corresponding insurance and registration to the vehicle that will be registered to park. The online form will also require a parent/guardian e-signature.

NOTE: Only students with a valid driver's license may apply. For those with learners' permits only, please contact the office once the student has a valid license to check on parking availability. There are no exceptions.

Priority Parking:
Students who hold a Creekside permit through the end of the current school year are eligible for priority parking. Applications must be submitted on June 1 (subject to change/dependent on school results being released). The online application link will be sent out by email to these students/parents by 9am on June 1. If the application is approved, a confirmation email will be sent with instructions to submit your payment and pick up your permit packet from the office. The deadline to submit payment and pick up the permit pack is Monday, June 5 in the church office. If you have not been receiving emails throughout the school year, please call the office at 770-888-8449 to verify your email.

Parking Lottery:
All remaining spaces will be issued through a random lottery system. There will be an online application link posted to this webpage on June 6 at 9am. Applications can be submitted June 6-8. Results will be posted on this webpage at 4pm on Monday, June 12. Spaces will be pre-assigned according to the lottery order. We will accept payments in the church office June 13-15.

Remaining Spaces:
If spaces are still open once the lottery is complete, we will repost the application link to the website after the June 15 deadline. Any application that is submitted after June 15 will receive email correspondance to confirm availability and give further instruction.

Waiting List:
We will automatically roll students (in order of the lottery) to a wait list once the spaces are full. We will also have this list posted if applicable.

$450 (for the school year)

Payment must be made in full by cash, check or money order to Creekside UMC. NOTE: Any checks returned by the bank for any reason will incur a $35 fee. Once notified by Creekside, you will have 10 days to submit payment, including fee in cash to the office or you will lose your space.

Any spaces that have not been paid for by the assigned deadline, will be released.

If at any point a student no longer needs their space at Creekside, we will be happy to issue a pro-rated refund check once the permit is physically returned to the office. The refund amount would be for any full remaining months in the school year. Refunds will not be issued for revoked permits. If the physical permit is not returned, we can still issue the pro-rated refund minus and additional $5.

Church Office Info:
The church office is the red brick house next to the main entrance. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.

If siblings are applying to share a space (siblings only), both students must submit an application. Please indicate "one space" in the notes of the application.

If a student will be driving two vehicles on a regular basis, the second vehicle will need to be registered with the office and an additional permit purchased for $5. Please indicate "need to register second vehicle" in the notes of the application.

If a student needs to drive an alternative vehicle temporarily, the parent/guardian must notify the office prior to parking the alternative vehicle. A permitted student does not have the authority to allow another student to park in their space, even if it's temporary.

If at any time a student needs to register a different vehicle, a vehicle change form is required along with the corresponding insurance and purchase of an replacement permit ($5).

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If you have any questions that are not addressed on this webpage, please contact Miranda by email to or call 770-888-8449.