altWhile Sunday night means rest and relaxation for some, here at Creekside it means high energy, high impact and most importantly, spending time with God. Our Sunday night program is about opening up our doors to allow fellowship, worship and teaching of the Bible. Sunday night is a safe place to hang, have fun and experience life-changing relationships. This is a great time for the student who may not be a Christian yet, or for the student that is sitting on the fence not really knowing which way to lean. And of course, it’s always for the spiritually mature as well.

Regular Activities - What to expect:
5:30-7:30 – Dinner, Games, Worship and FUN!
Can’t wait to see you here!!!

Monthly Sundays:
Nov 12

Special Events

Surge has many opportunities for our students to gather outside the walls of the church.  Sometimes it’s just for fun, but we also have opportunities to participate in missions or attend conferences and  retreats.

December 3: Christmas Party