SURGE: [ sərj ]
 NOUN: a sudden powerful forward or upward movement,
 especially by a crowd or by a natural force. Synonym: outpouring
VERB: move suddenly and powerfully forward or upward. Synonym: overflow

Our goal is to connect students with the life- altering truth of Jesus Christ and to lead them into a growing relationship with an awesome God. We are about changing lives!

Surge Student Ministry is built around preparing young people to live out strong Biblical principles and live for Jesus as they move from our direct care and into the world. The Student Ministry at Creekside seeks to partner with parents by becoming a resource, not a replacement for parental involvement. We encourage parents to get involved in this important ministry, and we welcome the gifts and talents that each person brings to the table. We are dedicated to developing relationships with every student that walks through our doors.

Our regular student activities include:
Sunday Morning Bible Studies
Surge Nights
Serve Nights
Wednesday Night Small Groups

In addition, there are other special events and retreats scheduled throughout the year.